the trip to perseverance

created by angel Hernandez

perseverance is the will to never give up and the feeling that you must keep going. these are some examples of people that persevered throughout their lives.

gorge washingtons story of perseverance against the British empire.

He was a noble man and the commander and chief of the continental army during the american revolution. . He was the general of america and was at war with the British. At the time the British had the best economy and the best military, it was like a super power at it's time. If he won the war the can make america his own country. His army was low on supplies and were inadequate when having to battle the British redcoat musketeers. like the first battle when the redcoats crushed the minutemen. all of the minutemen were killed and not a single redcoat was killed and only one of them was slightly hurt like he just stubbed his toe. He used the newly introduced gorilla warfare tactic which was very effective because back in time the wars were that everyone stands in a strait line and constantly fires and hopes not to die. but gorilla warfare was that every one moves around and swarmed them. They used whatever they can to provide for their military. Because of luck and good leadership they were able to prevail and win the war and become their own country. So George Washington became the first president.
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Nadja on her way

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cains arcade

Cain wanted to make an arcade but he had no experience. so he made his own arcade games out of cardboard. He made a lot of games and was selling fun passes and you can buy them and play games for prizes. But he had to make the games in his dads shop and it was rare for a costumer to come. He persevered and even made more games. So then someone posted comments and sites telling everyone about Cains arcade. then after a couple days there was a lot of people at his arcade, and they got the message saying that he made his own arcade out of cardboard. so now his problem was resolved and a lot of people come to his arcade to play his well thought out and clever games.
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call me Consuelo, Consuelo and her grand mother, compare and contrast .

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spare parts. cause and effect.

There are 4 kids from mexico and are in Carl Hayden high school and they joined the robotics team and have to build an under water R.O.V. They have no experience building an R.O.V. So they decide it will be better to enter the college division instead of the high school division. as a result they are up against collages like M.I.T. and others. they try their best and out of sheer luck they made 4th place in the competition and M.I.T made 1st. Then at the rewards place they announce that M.I.T made it 2nd place and Carl Hayden high school made it first place.

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