The scientific revolution

By : Oscar Madera

what was the Scientific Revolution ?

The Scientific Revolution was an Age when the People start believing more on theory's than Church Words.

Who were the people associated with the Change Of the Scientific Revolution ?

How the change impact society at the time ?

This cause a big impact on the society at that time. The biggest impact was that Scientist had conflict with the church. The church do not approve scientist theories Because they thought that the were against Religion believes.

How is that change evident in today's modern society ?

The Change is evident in today's modern society because many scientist theories had develop why nature have change of seasons,why the poles have 6 months of night and 6 months of day. Astronomers can concentrate in discovering new galaxies thanks that in the scientific revolution they discover most of the planets, moons, and Water Bodies out of this planet which astronomers or scientist don't have to discover now.