elephant run

world war 2 historical fiction

summarized plot

In 1941 bombs dropped out of the night sky onto the apartment that nick freestone and his mother live in. deciding that the situation is to unstable nicks mother sends him to his father in Burma. Hopping he will be safer their but as soon as nick arrives in the remote Burma trouble arrises and nicks father is taken prisoner nick is stranded on the plantation anf forced to work as a servent to the new rulers a life in the village grows dangerous for nicks young friend mya they make a plan to escape save nicks father and mays brother and get to Australia via India. Will they make it will they get caught? find out by reading elephant run.

Japenese takeover of Burma

in 1941 the Japanese took over all of Burma. They built pow camps, airfields, and bombed major cities. This part of the war started the same year America got involved in world war 2. This battle lasted until 1945. A guy named Michael hickey said once Neither side wanted this fight at the start, but there were many remarkable feats of arms as the war progressed. Michael Hickey describes the highs and lows of the campaign, the personalities involved, and the effect it had on East-West politics once World War Two was over.

The theme

I think the theme is don't give up. Because nick and May didn't give up even when they were tempted to they didn't. And also nicks dada didn't give up and die because he wanted to see his son again.


I think the author did a good job with making this story feel like it acutely happened in real life because of the amazing detail, emotion, and action. It make me imagine what it was like to crushed by an elephant and running from the japenese.

Here's some of the characters

Character: nick freestone, nicks mom, Jackson freestone, Bernard clipper, mya, miss pretty ( an elephant ) , bukon , kya lei, colonel nagoshi, captain Joseph, captain moto, Indaw, hilltop, magwe, Hannibal ( also an elephant ), aunt kin kin, and sergeant Sonji.