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Important Things To Know About Us

Our Government

In Athens we have a democracy. This is a type of government in which us, the people rule. We vote for our rulers instead of having people grow into the thrown by blood. Only men could vote but we do have something called The Assembly. In this any citizen could stand up and talk about what we should change in the government. This way everyone has a chance speak up!

Our Education

Here is Athens we think that education is important. We are know for having great education and lots of schools. One of the best philosophers for are time, Alexander The Great came from Athens. Only boys go to school because girls are home schooled. One of the most popular schools here is Plato's Academy but there are other great ones too.

Housing In Athens

Here in Athens are houses are like our village. Our houses are simple, and each house has at least, a kitchen, a storage room, a shed, a bathroom, and a lounging room. If they had an upstairs it would have rooms for the family and possible if they were rich, for a slave. Every house has the basic needs
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Here is a map of Athens. As you can see it is very easy to locate everything.


The Way Of Life In Athens

In Athens are way of life is basically levels of importance. The highest levels is the rich, then male land owners, women and at the bottom slaves. Slaves since they are the least important had to do all house work, they were maids, teachers and messengers. If they belong to the government they had to work as, accountants, scribes, clerks and even prison attendants.

Main Foods

Here in Athens we have a few main types of foods. Olives are one of the main things we grow in our farms. Another main food we have is wheat, here in Athens we use wheat to make bread. Grape are also a main food that we grow.


Here is Athens art is a big part of our culture. Here we make art using sculptures, designs, pottery and jewelry. Here is Athens art is a big pass time activity and our art is known through out the world of trading.

Famous Places In Athens

Our Greek Gods and Goddess

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Our main god or goddess is Athena. Athena is the goddess of wisdom and we think that education is very important. We do honor other gods and goddesses like Poseidon, Erechtheus, and Kekrops too but Athena is our main goddess.


Olympic Games

The Olympic games happen every 4 years but these games are by far the most popular festival for all of us in Athens. We compete in the Stadium of Olympia. This event is held to honor Zeus, the king of all the gods and goddesses.

The Theater of Dionysia

The Theater of Dionysia is where another big festival was held. Here they had to festival of the gods. This festival was held every year and consistent of 10 days of shows and plays to honor our god and goddesses.

Travel Alerts


Sparta is are warlike neighbor. Sparta believes in war and fighting and you never know what they are planning. They are one of the few dangers that has come to Athens. They normal don't attack us but we have heard of many civilizations taken over by Sparta.

Natural Disasters

Some natural disasters that have happened are tsunamis, earthquakes and tropical storms. These over the years have really affected Athens over the years and these storms are something you want to look out for.

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