Have a dilemma?

Let your peers help!

Take part in a Consultancy

A Consultancy is a structured process for helping an individual or team think more expansively about a particular dilemma that raises specific questions. There are several roles:

  • The Presenter who shares a key question or dilemma they are wrestling with or want to improve upon.
  • The Consultant who is pre-selected to serve as one of six consultants who will give the Presenter feedback, suggestions and ideas that will help move their initiative forward.
  • The Facilitator who is the keeper of the 60 minute protocol that is used to guide the process.
  • The Audience who are interested teachers or district staff members who want to learn more.

The Presenter, Consultant and Facilitator roles require some preparation prior to the actual consultancy, and as a result, will earn staff development hours. Audience members earn staff development hours for the time they are in attendance.

District Consultancy

Thursday, Oct. 15th, 4pm

Administration Building - Boardroom, 955 Campbell Road, Houston, TX

Want to see a consultancy in action? The Teaching & Learning Department is hosting one on October 15th. Anyone wishing to attend as an Audience member may register directly on Eduphoria (be sure to register for the course titled "October Sharing of Excellence - Audience"). If interested in being a Presenter at a future consultancy, please email Ami Bessette for more information.


  • Presenter shares his/her dilemma.
  • Consultancy group asks questions.
  • Consultancy group talks with one another.
  • Presenter reflects and has open discussion.

Special Education Consultants

The Special Education Department is working to develop a pool of consultants from a wide variety of areas - resource teachers, co-teachers, self-contained teachers, speech pathologists and diagnosticians from all grade levels - to better meet the needs of special education topics.