Common Core

Good or Bad?

What are benefits of Common Core?

Here are some of the benefits of Common Core; first off, it states in the article "Core implementation, three out of four teachers have “embraced the new standards” either “quite a bit” or “fully.” When asked how much of their classroom instruction changed, a similar proportion said it had by one half or more. Four in five math teachers say they have increased “emphasis on conceptual "(Barth5)", This shows that when fully embraced it can help the student, and in, "While they did not find strategies of particular impact on English language arts, they did identify math practices that were associated with higher student scores: more professional development days;"(Barth6) It proves that it is even helping scores! *These Quotes were in Article 2!*

Problems with Common Core

In the Article, one reason theres is an issue is, "In 2013, 76 percent of teachers said they were in favor of the Common Core. In the new survey, only 40 percent say the favor Common Core--representing a 36-point drop in two years."(Hollyinsworth2) This shows that even the people teaching it, don't like it, this could result in slaking teachers who don't fully embrace this new Common core, leaving kids not as set up for learning as they have been without this. In the quote, "But by 2015, that percentage had dropped 20 points for Republicans (to 37 percent) and seven points for Democrats (to 57 percent)."(Hollyinsworth6), this shows that even both parties that barely ever agree on something, both dislike common core, which in a voting aspect could end quickly. *Article One!*


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