Want to be a better Ballplayer?

Then come to our first ever camp!

Our different groups

The inexperienced group will learn the basics. These will be the players who are in their first year or need to get better. They will go over how to cover the bases, how to throw the ball properly, how to hit with a good stance. The second group will be the more experienced players who know what they are doing. They will learn more advanced techniques. It is for high schoolers only.

Baseball Camp

Saturday, April 25th, 8am-12pm

Pleasant Dale, NE, United States

Pleasant Dale, NE

We will be hosting our first ever baseball camp for high school kids. We will have 2 different groups. One group will be for the beginners who need to learn the basics and another group will be for the experienced and advanced players who will go more in depth. It will be a $50 entry fee.
8am-we will warm up

8:30-we will separate the 2 groups and start stations

10-we will have a break and have some breakfast

10:30-we will combine the 2 groups and work together

12-we will finish the camp