Lemony Snicket; Danial Handler

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About the Author: Lemony Snicket was born in the United States and as he said “was born before you” and “as well to die before you.” He said his family had land that is underwater. When he was a child he was raised in the Snicket Villa but the Snicket Villa is now a factory. He has been awarded many awards for his books “The Series of Unfortunate Events.”

Book One: The Bad Beginning

: “The Bad Beginning” is the start of the series of books. What happens is three rich kids parents die in a house fire and they have to go live with there uncle Olaf. During their stay all he tries to do is steal their fortune. But the children are to smart.

Book Two: The Reptile Room

This book is mainly about how the Baudelaire kids have to go live with another relative. This time there’s a big room full of different snakes and lizards. Again Olaf tries to come into the house their living at and tries to take them. Olaf almost gets them but they get away. Their care taker, who’s house they now live at, dies.

Book Three: The Wide Window

This book is mainly about how the three kids get transferred over to another relative. There they live at this house right on the edge of a cliff. Below the cliff is a lake. The kids are living there with no disruptions but then Olaf then comes and tries to steal the kids so he can also, steal the fortune. The kids are down at the dock with their aunt and Olaf is dressed up as a fisher. The kids then go home and Olaf threatens the aunt she fakes her death. The kids go hide in a cave at the bottom of the cliff somewhere in the lake.
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