A History Of Soccer

With Germany: World Cup, by Maddy Arena

History of Soccer

  • The invention of soccer (more widely known as football) is unknown but early versions of the game can be traced back to China in about 2500 BC. This sport (not now official in any way) was popular with the military as a form of training, kicking leather balls around with feet, thighs, and the head with two opposing teams, it was called tsu-chu.
  • The Aztecs had a similar but much more gruesome and violent version
  • The Greeks developed a similar game but included fields with boundary lines, this game was a large part of Greek culture
  • The Romans adopted this game from the Greeks and named it harpastum, again it was popular with the military and used in daily training.
  • As Rome spread to Europe, so did this game, the British learned it from the Roman soldiers, with no rules it was a chaotic game that would often include fights and was played in the middle of the streets. The ball used was an animal bladder encased in leather and some rules for the game were established but games still caused havoc. In 1314 King Edward III banned the game but that only spiked the popularity.
  • In the late 1500s football was re-established and encouraged in schools. (Shakespeare invented the term football in one of his plays, soccer was a slang term). There were two types of football, one more violent and and rough (later made into Rugby) and one where dribbling the ball was more important.
  • The official rules were made by JC Thring in 1863
  • The Native Americans had a similar game but on a much larger scale, with tens to hundreds of men and on mile(s) long fields.
  • Football spread to America and South America through Irish and Scottish immigrants
  • In 1904 FIFA ( Federation Internationale de Football Association) was established in Europe with Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, and France. Later other countries joined, being Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungry, England, Ireland, Scotland, Whales, Canada, Chile, Argentina, and the US. In 1930 the FIFA World Cup was established.
  • In 1908 Football was put in the Olympics (England won the first Olympic football game.)

Germany and the World Cup

General World Cup Facts

  • Established in 1930 after the suggestion in 1924, the FIFA organization wanted football to have a tournament outside of the Olympics. Henri Delaunay and Jules Rimet encouraged a FIFA tournament and eventually accomplished their goal.
  • The World Cup occurs every four years.
  • At first there were not that many teams in the World Cup because of WW1 and WW2, but the organization has expanded from 13 nations to 170 nations.
  • The first World Cup was hosted and won by Uruguay

  • Germany is the current holder of the World Cup after winning in 2014
  • West Germany also won in 1974
  • When the first World Cup games were held Germany was not allowed to be involved with FIFA because of WWI and WWII until 1950
  • The DFB (German Football Association) was split into three teams, East Germany, West Germany, and Saarland, (during war most players were put into the war) these teams were re-established into international sports organizations such as FIFA and the World Cup in the 1950s.
  • In 1974 West Germany won against the Netherlands 2-1
  • In 2014 Germany won against Argentina 1-0

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