What's your story?

Discovery Culture Festival 2 - 9 December 2015

Book Week

This year Book Week has merged with Discovery Culture Festival! Our library theme this year is "What's your story?" Library activities are underway with more to come this week. See below for further details or check out our dedicated library events website


Daily Learning Team Quiz

Every morning during Discovery Culture Festival, there will be a new book quiz available for you to try out. Check the bulletin for the link. Only one entry per learning team please. Correct entries will be placed in a draw for a prize!

Moo Card Treasure Hunt

The ever popular Moo Card treasure hunt is back! Try to guess which book matches to the clue!

Your learning advisor will give each of you one moo card this week to start things off, let's see if you can guess them all!

Guess Who?

A whole host of staff have posed for you this year. It's up to you to figure out who's behind the book!

Scavenger Hunt

When? Tuesday, 8th December, 1.30 pm - 2.15pm

Where? Secondary Library

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Decorate your learning team door!

We are delighted to see that some learning teams have already made a great start on decorating their learning team doors as a book genre! See below...

There is still time to enter - all learning teams can decorate their doors up to and including Wednesday 9th December. A team from the library will be judging the doors on Thursday 10th December.

The winning learning team wins a pizza party!

Character cut-outs!

Come by the ground floor foyer at recess and have your photo taken as your favourite character!
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Years 12 & 13 meet Nury Vittachi

The fabulous Nury Vittachi will be hosting workshops with Years 12 & 13 on Monday. Several sessions will run throughout the day. Nury will work with students on editorials and aspects of news media and journalism.
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Looking forward to seeing you in the library!

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