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Have a great Summer!

2014-2015 End of Year Wrap Up

It has been a wonderful year for the Hubenak Choir! We had the largest group of singers ever. I am proud of the hard work and perseverance that each student showed in choir and in class to maintain the grades and behavior needed to stay in the group. I am proud of beautiful music that we created this year. I am grateful for the parental support you gave me and you children.

I hope this year has been rewarding for you kids as well!

For my fifth graders: This is a group of kids that I am very attached to. I am prepared to bring my kleenex box to the 5th grade walk today. Not only do I have 30 students who have been with me since Kindergarten, but my own daughter is moving on to 6th grade today. I am so glad Kayleigh talked me into submitting an audition CD for TMEA - just in case we might get selected for her last year. I never dreamed we would have that opportunity so close to the last one. Their beautiful performance made me one proud Mama! I hope that all of the students continue to sing. Whether they choose choir, band, art, or drama next year, SING! Sing in the shower. Turn up the radio in the car. Lift up your voice! Because it feels good. Because it brings joy and lifts your moods. Because music expresses that which cannot be said!

PS: DVD's of our concert are coming home today and all the audio tracks have been uploaded to the website. You may download them to your favorite device and listen any time!

For my fourth graders: I am so proud of all the work your kids did by themselves, Without the rehearsal support of the fifth graders! This was a hard year with lots of challenges. Your kids made it! They made beautiful music and have a great foundation for next year. Look for some changes in next year's choir, due to our size, and look forward to morning rehearsals, field trips and fun! Please sign up again! I look forward to another year of music making with your kiddos!

Everyone have a safe and restful Summer!

Check out the revised End-of-Year Video!

Hubenak Choir EOY 2015