Gracie Hill

January 27th, 1999 / I'm so very overwhelmingly blessed

A little about myself

I have four brothers, two related by blood & the others are step brothers. I was born in Sumter but I moved soon to little old Lugoff. I spend alot of time with my family and my youth group. I would say that I am most influenced by my family. We believe in being kind to everyone and having manners, and that life isn't about always winning; it's about having fun doing life.

Characteristics of me

blessed: i am so very blessed by God, i have a wonderful group of family and friends that surround me.

athletic: i am very active and participate in a variety of sports; beach volleyball, soccer, track, and football.

Sep 12, 2014

Hobbies & Activities

I like to be anything that involves being creative; drawing, painting, and do it yourselves. I love to be active in my free time, playing soccer or beach volleyball are probably my favorite. I am on the girls varsity soccer team in the spring and on the jv football team in the fall. I am involved in my youth group a lot and also FCA club.
Sep 1, 2014

My life timeline

  • born January 27th, 1999
  • Y2K 1999-2000
  • got a third degree burn 2000
  • 9/11 2001
  • recession & stock market crash of 2008
  • first african american president 2008
  • baptized 2008
  • dad gets remarried and start a new family 2012
  • become a part of the jv football team 2014
  • Ebola outbreak in Africa & carried to US 2014

Stepmom's life timeline

  • born January 21st, 1980
  • Iran Hostages 1979-1981
  • Challenger shuttle blow up 1986
  • become a christian 1989
  • 9/11 2001
  • have difficult health issues of child 2003
  • recession & stock market crash of 2008
  • divorce 2010
  • meets my dad 2011
  • get married and starts new family June 2012

GOAL OF 2020: be in college studying to become an orthodontist!

Grandmother's life timelime

  • born January 1st, 1944
  • Segregation 1950's-1970's
  • Cold War 1960's
  • Cuban Missle crisis 1961
  • Married 1963
  • JFK assassination 1963
  • first child 1964
  • landing on the moon 1969
  • Father passes away 1981
  • Mom passed away 1991