The whole spectrum

made by Garrett Baker and Ryan Soughou period 2, 4 vargo

What is autism?

Autism is a disorder that limits ability to interact and communicate socially.


  • unusual skills with puzzles and music
  • difficulty moving on their own
  • repetitive movements
  • different social interaction
  • attention and health disorders


  • Abnormality in the brain
  • cells fail to bind seritonin
  • lower number of purkinje
  • you can see autism in early brain development usually around age 3-4
  • unlike other diseases the doctor guesses if the person is autistic instead of doing blood samples or other medical tests
  • often there is no single word phrases before 16 months
  • no 2 word phrases by 2 years old


  • 1/68 children develop autism
  • boys are 4 times as likely to develop autism than girls
  • 1/42 boys will develop autism
  • 1/189 girls will develop autism
  • autistic people are more likely to develop epilepsy than others

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made on 4/21/15