Defendant: Karl Doenitz

German admiral; navy commander

-negotiated surrender following Hitler's suicide

-issued the "Laconia Order" in 1942 to the German submarine fleet, this order forbid rescuing the enemy survivors of sunken ships. "Be hard, remember, the enemy has no regard for women and children when he bombs German cities."

-Hitler called him the "Rommel of the Seas"

-"I would rather eat dirt than have my grandson grow up in the Jewish spirit and faith."

-called assassination attempt on Hitler a "cowardly attempt at murder."

-"politicians brought the Nazis to power and started the war. They are the ones who brought about these disgusting crimes, and now we have to sit there in the dock with them and share the blame!"

-served 10 year sentence

-died in 1981

I agree with the consequence given to Doenitz, but I would suggest that the consequence given to all Nazi's convicted of "crimes against humanity" should be life imprisonment.