Kennedy space center/NASA

By Dev

Space center

I learned things there.

I learned about the Hubble telescope.

I learned more about Outer Space.

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Kitty Hawk

I saw the Kitty Hawk.

It is located in North Carolinas outer bank.

When the Wright brothers took off for the first time people celebrated.

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About The Hubble Telescope

Inside Orion's belt is stars around the star is a Solor System.

The Hubble telescope took pictures from far away.

New stars and planets or dwarf planets are forming.

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The space shuttle orbited earth 4,848 times

It put a better camera in the Hubble telescope.

It flew 126,000,000 over 33 missions.

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He wanted a America to send an astronaut to the moon.

He wanted America to be the first country to go to the moon.

The space center is named after him.

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