Canada 2060

How is different will Canada be from now to 2060?


In this smore I'll be talking about how Canada will be in 2060 and the different aspects of how Canada will be in 2060 for example, the demography of Canada, the immigrants that would be coming to Canada, the birth and death rate of Canada, challenges Canada might face and how different the First Nations Communites (FMNI) would be.

The Demographics

Right now Canada has a natural increase rate of 0.9% with a total population of 36.2 million citizens. Right now the birth rate is at 10.28 births/1000 population and a death rate of 8.42 deaths/1000 population. Canada is currently in Stage 4 of the DTM as the death rate and birth rate has fallen resulting in the natural increase rate decreasing since the baby boom. Canada has a very diverse population with a variety of citizens from around the world.

In the future I think the birth and death rate would go up because as the population grows there will be a larger amount of children being born and many more deaths which would lead to the natural increase rate to raise. I also think the grouping of the age group of the population will become more evenly distributed meaning the dependency load may become larger but that means there are more young adults going to work.

In the population pyramids below is shows Canada's age group distribution in 2015 compared to the future in 2050 (it is a decade apart from 2060 but not much will change) and as you can see the distribution of the population for each age group has gone up as well as the age groups are more closer in population. If you look at the age 95-100+ you can notice how much is actually went up because of the fact that in the future we would have invented much more better machines and methods of medical care which leads to longer and happier lives. Also if you notice for the age groups if you look you can see from the age of 90 and up there's an substantially larger population from woman than men.

Just saying...

First Nation Communities

Right now the First Nation Communities in my opinion are being ignored by the Canadian government and most of their communities have lost their old traditions and culture. Most of this was because of what the europeans did back then, what they did is when they took the First Nations children to their residential schools they physically, mentally and sexually abused their students. Most of the children there forgot their native language and because of this they were not able to communicate with their families thus leading to the traditions to be lost. Currently in some First Nations communities there are a lot of poor families and a lack of well trained teachers at schools. In some communities their water systems and plumbing is bad.

In 2060 I think the First Nations communities would have got to the government and got what they've been demanding for many years. I think the First Nations people will gain the respect and demands they've been working hard to get for many years. Meaning the First Nations would get the land they want and they won't start protests against the government.


Right now Canada attracts 220,00 - 260,000 immigrants per year. A lot of these immigrants are from Asian countries like China, India and Pakistan. Most of these immigrants are economic immigrants taking on jobs in our country because of their education and skill level.

Canada prioritizes economic immigrants that can contribute to our society. If you look at the Express Entry system Canada started up, it is basically a system that prioritizes the educated and more skilled immigrants so they could bypass the immigration process and obtain a permanent resident Visa within Canada.

In the future I think the immigration policies will get more strict and it will be hard for even skilled worker to get into Canada because I think in 2060 because of the current use of resources like oil and metals their will be wars over it and because of these wars it would be pretty difficult for the immigrants to be entered into Canada. Also I think leading to 2060 I think there would be so many economic immigrants coming to Canada there would be too many of them also that would be why Canada's immigration policies would get more strict.

The Video

In this video the First Nation representatives talk about their beliefs and that they shouldn't have to beg for time with the Prime Minister and Premiere and that they should talk to each other as Nation to Nation. This just shows that the First Nation communities have a lot to offer to Canada but, Canada is basically being a stubborn teenager trying to make decisions for themselves and leaving out First Nation in all of those decisions.