Counselor's Corner

Mrs. Anderson's Counseling Newsletter

Trying something new!

Hello Everyone,

I am your student(s) counselor at Plymouth High School. I wanted to try or "Pilot" an idea of creating a monthly or quarterly newsletter to send out to families throughout the school year. This is my first go at it, so please be patient with me, but your feedback along this journey is much appreciated.

I have also ventured into the world of Twitter - you can follow me @MrsAndersonPHS

On that note - have a happy and safe holiday season!

Class News!


The start to the school year was filled with a college application push. Please know that time has not expired for all universities and colleges. Plenty still accept applications - so continue to fill them out. Remember there are 3 steps to an application; the application, sending a transcript ( and sending test scores (

While college applications are rolling out - scholarships are starting to roll into our office.

We have a scholarship board located in our office that has local scholarships advertised and paper copies of the applications available. A list of scholarships is also available online and is updated as soon as new scholarships are made available. See link below.

Also Seniors that are planning on going to college in the fall - make sure to fill out your FAFSA after January 1st!

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Those of you that took the PSAT are eagerly awaiting your results. College Board just announced that results should go online January 7th. There should be some kind of portal students can log into on College Board's website using the email address they used on the test. I apologize for not having all the details.

SAT is coming.... It is all new this year, so its a bit unpredictable from our end. Khan Academy is supposed to have a partnership with College Board to help students study. That might be worth a Google search.


Sophomores, how's it feel now to have a full year and then some under your belt? We hope this year has been going well for you. Remember to utilize your resources! If students are struggling or just need extra support there are plenty of services available. Take advantage of Math Lab, Writing Center, Honors and AP Tutoring, NHS Tutoring - and use those teachers!

Coming up in January, Sophomores will have a Park Counselor present a lesson in their American Literature or Reading Writing Workshop class. The lesson will allow students to explore Career Cruising and use this resource in future class registration.


Alright! One quarter down! A big difference from middle school to high school is that the last report card was a progress report - it does not go on your official transcript. So, if you like what you saw - great, keep it up! If you were disappointed in what was there, now is the time to change it and explore other ways to reach success. Use your resources; teachers, counselors, peers, tutors, math lab and writing center.

A new thing for Freshman will be the exams coming up. Final exams, or mid-term exams for some classes, will take place the last week of January. Start preparing now and use your time wisely. Exam days are half days; January 26th, 27th and 28th.