The Boney News at Mammothville

By: Chief Editor Syra Castillo

Extra! Extra! BREAKING NEWS!

The most current discovery of one of the most ancient prehistoric animal finds has been located here in Mammothville. Archaeologists have been working day and night digging up bones and bones. Their discovery is so big that it made world news!

The findings were incredible that David Muir from ABC World News came to interview the local archaeologists, Dr. Federico De La Rosa Santiago de Chile and Dr. Margarito Jimenez de Soto. There they talked about how long it took them to dig up the fossils. It took them exactly 10 years for the pair.

The Ecosystem is Free!

Since Mammoths were herbivores, they ate grass and leaves. Since mammoths have been extinct, we have been able to save a lot of trees and grass around the world. When mammoths were alive, there was not a lot of grass, because they were always hungry and it would be so scarce, that other herbivores that lived off grass didn't have a chance.

The ecosystem finally has a chance to live for thousands of years, now! Our children's children will have the ability of seeing grass grow all around them without having the fear of mammoths coming to eat it all up. Mammoths are nice and all, but they were leaving the Earth dried up because of their need for grass or herbs.

The Religious Scope

So, how do you think the local priest, rabbi, elder, and minister feel about the findings of the enormous mammoth? Well, I went to find out myself and ask them directly about their feelings. After talking to the local priest, Rev. Tim Gollob, he mentioned that he was indeed excited about the finding because this showed him that our community had once been the living chambers of these extinctions. He was excited along with his parish about all the changes that were coming to our town.

On the other hand, the local elder for the non-believers, Tony Bucktooth, said that this would bring negative news to our town, because now people would not want to be at their homes on Saturdays, when his fellow followers are out knocking on people's doors. The citizens of our town would be at the mammoth site trying to help dig up new findings.