By Bri Tucker

My Code of Ethics

5 Personal Codes of Ethics

Honesty- Never lie about not doing homework or at all to adults

Courage- Have the gut and and courage to tell the truth

Confidentiality- Have the ability to keep information private especially when it's confidential

Responsibility- Be reliable, and have the organization you need to stay responsible

Integrity- Follow the rules, and don't steal no matter the situation

Values of Mine

I value that people need to have courage and that they need to not lie and not steal.

People need to learn what is right and wrong, I make mistakes too, but I fix them later

Courage Responsibility Integrity

Codes of Ethics I Look up to

Courage and Bravery

I think that courage is important in life for many reasons:

Being honest

Have the heart top do the right thing

Always being trustworthy

These are My Codes of Ethics