mars exploration rovers


Spirit is the more famous of the three rovers because it was going through sandy area when it got stuck . This made the scientists go into meltdown they made a similar scenario to try to manuver it out using controls. The mission they had to do was to collect rocks and soil. Spirit has been described as a work horse because it has lasted 1000 days instead of its 92 day mission, it is amazing because it has a solar powered battery that can hold only 140 watts.


Curiosity has the latest gear such as a laser, powerful arms ,cutting tools and a camera.Its job is to test dozens of soil and rocks to see if the planet is far if the planet was warmer it would be hapitable but the waterhas froze up.


Opportunity found ground breaking evidence that there was a large water mass that was there a long time ago. The conditions would be perfect for life if the water was still there.oppurtunity is more of a photographer rover then a soil tester.because it was a cheaper version of curiosity