St.Louis Cathedral (New Orleans)

By Emily DeCock

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Creation of The St.Louis Cathedral

The creation of the St.Louis Cathedral was very extravagant for its time. The cathedral was built in New Orleans, Louisana. In 1727, Andrien De Pauger was the architect for this extraordinary building. The features of the cathedral are a tower in the middle, two small spires on each side, and a symmetrical facade.
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Why It Was Created

The St.Louis Cathedral was created for many reasons. The cathedral represents King Louis IX King of France (sainted). It was also constructed to worship in. King Louis IX King of France lived between 1214-1270.
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How It Is Important

The St.Louis Cathedral has been an important part to our history. A fire burnt the cathedral to the ground on March 21, 1788. After the first cathedral was burned, they rebuilt the cathedral and used scraps from the other cathedral to rebuild the new one. People today find the cathedral as a beautiful and magestic structure.


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