Ben Franklin

Dr. Wise

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Do you know who Ben Franklin was? I just read a very interesting biography about him. All of his inventions blow my mind. I cannot wait to tell you some of the things he invented.


Lets get this essay started. I learned that Benjamin Franklin was an inventor of many different inventions that make life easier for people. In the book, How Benjamin Franklin Stole Lightning, the text explains, "His post office was the first to deliver mail straight to people's houses." Benjamin Franklin's accomplishment of creating a post office to deliver mail to people's houses helps people get their mail. Some people may not be able to drive to get their mail. I am thankful to have my mail delivered to my house. What he invented next will put you on cloud nine. I am grateful that Ben Franklin showed people how to use a lightning rod, so lightning would not burn up houses or ships. He loved helping people, and Ben Franklin's wonderful invention of the stove helped people heat their homes more quickly. Another invention that I liked was his invention of bifocals; they help people see near and far without having to switch out glasses. Finally, I think that Ben Franklin was a curious, intelligent person that invented an odometer that helps people measure the distance they traveled.


In conclusion, Ben Franklin was a very intelligent inventor. HIs inventions still help people today. I am grateful that he invented things that help people have a safer and better life. My favorite invention was his invention of the lightning rod. People can now live safe in their homes without them burning down.