The mistery of the changing chupacabra

Why, and does, this creature change?

My question was why did the creature change. I have found one answer that seemed logical to me, though some were intresting.


- 1995 Puerter Rico, first reported attacks

- 1995 Canovanas, first reported sighting

- 1975 Moca, similar killings to the chupacabra victems

Most common images assosiated with

Theorys/ Evidence

- the killings were done by a satanic cult/ the holes the blood was drained from are made by no known animal.

- the chupacabra is an alien/ its alien-like apearence

-it is the result of an escaped military expariment/ it seems to have features of several animals

-it is a new, recently unknown animal/ it looks similar to a dog or other K9's

My Thoughts

I believe that the original Puerter Rico sighting was false, but a new animal has been found that was just given the name of the original creature. The alien and expariment is most likley nonsence from overactive imagination.