Anne Frank Beyond the Diary

"Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy"

-Anne Frank

By, Spencer Walsh


I was born on June 12th in 1929 in Frankfurt Germany. I have one older sister named Margot. My parents were Otto and Edith Frank. My father was a Swiss business man. My mother worked at home and helped a lot at home. My family and I moved to Amsterdam in 1933 due to Hitler. These were the worst times of our lives. My parents loved Amsterdam because it was close to the beach and such a beautiful place.


Education was hard to find during these times, but that didn't stop my sister and I. When Margot and I learned how to write we would send letters to our family and friends, learning to write was a huge advantage! My interests in school were, Language, History, and Greek Mythology. I really enjoyed learning all about these topics! In 1933 Hitler started preparing Germany for a war. We didn't know if that was the end of our education, it wasn't. My parents insisted that we get a good education. 1941 was a bad year. It was my last year of school. My family and I tried and tried to go to school. But we had a choice, school or death. Jewish children were band from school. That year my family moved because of my fathers job, we moved to the Prinsengrancht Canal.

The Natzis

The Nazis were awful. We had to leave our home in 1933 when Hitler came into power. I will never forget the night of November 9-10 in 1938, that was the night the Nazis ran throughout Germany on a rampage, burning and smashing Jewish shops and goods. In those nights over 30,000 Jews were rounded up to be taken to consintation camps. In 1942-1944 Germany continued invading Europe because of the Nazis. Things started getting out of hands with the Nazis things that weren't our choice. Our label was Germany and when the word got around that "Germany" was invading Europe it looked like we were doing it. But it was Hitler.


Anne Frank died due to Typhus Fever in March 1945 in Lower Saxony Germany. Her sister Margot also died from this fever. The conditions were awful it was the middle of winter and the Frank girls had one worn blanket to keep them warm. Otto Frank arrived in Amsterdam on June 3rd two months later not knowing that his two daughters had passed away.

Why rembered

Anne Frank is remembered because she was a child that survived the Holocaust. Anne was also remembered because she was an extraordinary journalese and writer. From Anne we can learn to stay positive even when were in the worst situations possible. Anne was kind and sympathetic to all around her.