My weird Neighborhood

My neighborhood

Hello, this is about my neighborhood that works as one, we know most people by name, and we feel comfortable talking to each other. We have the Torgerson family across the street from us, they are more come and go, we see them come home, then leave again. We have Scott which is more give and less take, he gave me a bike when my bike got stolen, and I still ride it today! We have Marty which is know for his acts of when his HUGE pine tree fell on the power line in the summer, for a whole week! And Candace and her cousin are the new neighbors in the neighborhood, they seem to be getting used to us, and our weird neighborhood. I also I have a friend in the neighborhood, Samuel March, since I've known him for my whole life it's nice to be able to know someone. If that wasn't enough, my family explodes water bottles in the driveway, pretty much ever 4th of July, and it sounds like a gun shot, but slightly higher pitched, but they know it ain't a gun that it's the Myers family with some dumb idea.

The layout

This community is important to me because there's a format, Scott Turns the gears, that then powers our family, which turns the Torgersons, Marty, and Canadce spinning to make it all work through the out the other houses. We know each other head to toe, we hear each other from a mile away, we see each other face to face, we know them, they know us that's just how it goes. After we all talk and have a good time in one place at one time, it is much different than a family of 5 or 6 or 7 or however many people are in your family, this is one big family, that works together, to aim for greatness. Though we're the same, we are different too, we see different colors and different hues, we see the world through different eyes, we have fun in different ways, we love life in different ways, but when we come together we are one.