Wagner Elementary School

March 2023 Newsletter

Our school year is quickly flying by. I hope that everyone had a great Family Day and enjoyed the February break.

I would like to take this opportunity to remind parents to remind their child to be careful around the water and ice on our playground. Each year, we have a few students slip on ice and end up in the water. It caused a very wet and uncomfortable day for the student. Feel free to send an extra pair of pants and socks just in case..... We also have a dryer at our school that we can dry wet clothes.

Our school continues with a number of challenging behaviours from a small number of our students. We want to continue to make our school a very safe and comfortable place for each student to be educated. We continue to set high standards of student learning. In order to have our students learn at the highest possible level, we continue to address negative behaviour in our school. Creating a safe and healthy school climate is one of the best ways to improve student learning.

With this high standard of learning, we want to remind parents of the importance of your child reading every night. This nightly reading practice will strengthen your child’s reading and raise their level of understanding. As your child goes through the grades, the need to be able to read at grade level becomes more and more important. Your child has progressed form learning how to read to where your child is “reading to learn”.

As I wrap up my message, I would like to thank our parents for sending your child with proper coats, mitts, and boots during our cold and snowy days. I would also like to thank parents for graciously donating money for Telemiracle. The activities organized by our student leadership would not have been so successful without parent support! Have a great month of March!

Mr. Norum

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Telemiracle 47

Our students & community did an amazing job of fundraising for Telemiracle. We raised $1259! Thank you to everyone who donated!

Nutrition Bites

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