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April 8 , 2016

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Important Dates to Note

April 8th-Field Trip Forms due

April 14th-McTeacher Night 4-8. (Mrs. Platz will be working there from 5-6)

April 15th-Field Trip to Weston Red Barn Farm

May 6th-Hoe Down

May 9-May 12-Bell Prairie Book Swap

What is new?

Thank you to everyone who attended the Digital Author Celebration. Your child worked so hard and was so excited they got to share it with you. It really meant a lot that you came and supported your child.

Big news! Every child in our room is reading where they should be at the end of the year. This is so big as some came in not evening knowing a letter. I couldn't be more proud of your child. Keep reading at home because it helps!

Another thing is to keep practicing sight words at home. We have half of our class that know all 1st-4th quarter words so we are hoping to get the other half there as well. I have made sight word flash cards within the classroom for these students with the words they don't know. I will check weekly on their success as needed. This is the last week of new words and from now on we will just be in review mode.

Just a reminder field trip forms are due April 8th!

More information is to come but May 6th is our Annual Hoe Down. We have lots of cool activities/games and we even have a silent auction/live auction.

We will be having our first annual Bell Prairie Book Swap May 9th-12th. More information will be coming home next week. It will be a great time!

Last week I submitted a Donors Choose project for Fairy Tales and because you are all so awesome we got it fully funded and almost all the books have arrived. The kids and I are so excited to dig deep into them.

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Sight Words next week: now, way, as, of

Words to practice at home: a, all, at, am, an, and, are, be, because, big, black, boy, by, blue, brown, can, day, did, do, eight, five, for, four, from, get, girl, go, good, green, had, have, he, her here, his, I, if, it, in is, jump, let, like, little, look, me, my, nine, no, not, on, one, or, orange, pink, purple, play, red, run, said, see, she, six, seven, so, stop, ten, that, the, they, this, three, to, today, two, up, us, went, want, was, we, white, will, with, yellow, yes, you.

Please continue to work on these with your child at home!

Specials Schedule

Monday: PE & Music

Tuesday: Technology & Music (Library Check-out)

Wednesday: Counselor/Technology

Thursday: Art

Friday: PE & Health

What we learned!

Readers Workshop-This week we started a new adventure in Fairy Tales. We have looked at characters (Good vs Evil), setting, special words like "once upon a time, happily ever after" and magic. We have done comparing of fairy tales and we will moving into different fairy tales could be different as told by different authors.

Writers Workshop- We have started our Personal Narratives. This is a fun unit as they have a chance to write about something that really happened to them.

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