Southside Elementary News

Week of 8/23/2021

From Mrs. Morrow and Mrs. Fureigh

Having students back in the building has been the BEST FEELING EVER!! We have loved reuniting with your kiddos and have LOVED seeing all the learning happening this week! We look forward to all that is to come!

~~~DROP OFF in the mornings ~~~

Last week, we did have parents dropping students off in the front for various reasons. Beginning this week, we will ONLY have back car drop offs. The front parking lot is used when parents are parking to bring something to the office and for staff to park in the mornings. We will not have a designated person on duty at the front door starting next week. Please be sure that students are being dropped off in the back, where we will have plenty of duty teachers to help your child get where they need to go. Thank you!

Back Car Drop off reminders


Drop off in back car line is getting better and better in the mornings! As we move into the second week, if you could help us with the following things to help it move a little faster, that would be wonderful:

*While you are waiting to let your child out, please have him/her get his/her backpack and mask on.

*Pull up as far as possible to the very last pole in order to allow those behind you to drop off as well.

*Please have your child open the car door if possible and let themselves out.

*Please have your child get out of the car on the SCHOOL SIDE, not the street side.

Thank you so much for your assistance with this!

Walkers - Safety First!

If your child walks to and/or from school each day, please remind them to use the crosswalk and to not just cross the road. We have traffic from the neighborhood as well as the back car line in the mornings and afternoons. Our first priority is their safety, and your help in training them to do this is SO very helpful!
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September 8th - ACT Aspire Parent Reports and DLM Reports will go home!

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Water bottles

Students need to have their water bottles sent to school with them daily. They are encouraged to get drinks throughout the day after recess, P.E., etc. They are especially important this school year because water fountains are closed. We do have water bottle refilling stations in the school. Please make sure to label your child's water bottle with his/her name.

Thank you for your help with this!

Chromebook Safety

  • Cabot Public Schools has taken measures to ensure that district issued Chromebooks are safe to use.
  • The Chromebooks you received from the district are controlled by the Cabot Public Schools network.
  • Once a student logs into the device, the district can track how it is being used, where it is located, and control what is being downloaded.
  • GoGuardian has been installed on each Chromebook. This application restricts access to things on the internet that are inappropriate. Students will only be able to install approved software on their Chromebook. However, no filter will catch everything.
  • Please continue to monitor your child's use with a Chromebook.

Important Upcoming Dates:


6 : Labor Day - NO SCHOOL!

8: ACT Aspire Parent Reports and DLM reports go home