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Happy New Year!

We are off to a great start this year! I hope you all enjoyed some much needed rest and time with your family! With the early separation notice and positions being posted soon, it is time to make some decisions about next year.

All of this can change, but the plan for next year is as follows (please don't share with parents at this time):

2 K classes, 2 First grade classes plus a 1/2 split, 2 second grade classes, 3 third grade classes, 2 fourth grade classes and 3 fifth grade classes. Krissi Kilburn will be moving to 5th grade, Michelle & Kathy will remain in Kindergarten. Traci Zay will be moving back to 3rd and Dottie will be teaching the 1/2 split. I want to thank everyone for their flexibility. I know it is tough to change grade levels or teach a split but it is inevitable every year. I am excited about these changes and know that you will have rock next year as an Ignite school!

I am adding Steve to the duty schedule, to relieve Jennifer in times that I am unavailable for after school duty. I will send that out today but it will not affect anyone other than Jaimie, Steve and Jennifer. Also, please look for a survey regarding goal teams and moving forward. We appreciate your input.

Lastly, please take a moment to nominate a parent that has gone above and beyond for you this year for volunteer of the year, using the link below!


Please use this form to provide feedback. You can fill this form out at any time!


On Sunday, Mrs. Roffers, Mrs. Kilburn and I had the opportunity to attend the funeral of Steven Welton, the father of one of Krissi's students. Krissi was very nervous about what to do or say in this unusual situation. The second Tristan saw Krissi, his whole demeanor changed. Throughout the entire service, Tristan was turned around looking at Mrs. Kilburn giving her a thumbs up. Out of everyone in that room-Mrs. Kilburn was who he needed almost as much as his mother. The connection that Krissi has built with this student is unbelievable, and it hasn't been easy. Krissi has grown so much this year and is an eager learner. You will never have to tell Krissi she is struggling with something, because she will tell you herself. Krissi is truly student driven and is willing to do WHATEVER is necessary to ensure that her students are successful. Krissi is reflective and always trying new things to be better at what she does. Krissi is a great teaching partner, and always looking at the bright side. Krissi is positive, fun and always dancing in the hallways! Krissi has been a WONDERFUL addition at Sequiota and will do a great job next year in 5TH GRADE!!!

Thank you Krissi for loving your students, please know the impact you have on your students and how valuable the time you spend loving, and putting your students needs first is. Tristan needed you and the relationship you have built with him will carry him through this terrible time in his life. Thank you for making us laugh, when it's hard to and always reminding us that life is good! So glad you are at Sequiota!

Steve and I could not think of a better song for Krissi than "Girls Just Wanna Fun"! So enjoy it-get out of your chair, pull up your leg warmers and dance around your classroom because YOU'RE CHANGING LIVES EVERY DAY!

Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Official Video)

Staff Recognition on Sharepoint!

Sara Dougherty goes above and beyond to make students feel welcome at Sequiota. She contributed to their learning in a fun, loving, and caring way. She does not have to recognize students in the manner she does; however, she takes the individual time to do so.

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