Mrs. Schleicher's Schmooze

Mrs. Schleicher's & Ms. Rosenberg's Newsletter 9/16-9/25

Weekly Note from Mrs. Schleicher

Even with the choppy schedule, it has been a busy, productive, and fun few weeks! To prepare for Yom Kippur we held our own Tashlich ceremony. We listened to the story Tashlich at Turtle Rock and then privately wrote down something we wanted to "toss" away or work on from this past year. Then we each crumbled up our paper and threw it in our stream (a bucket of water) :). To prepare for our lunch in the sukkah, we also wrote about a famous person we would love to invite to our sukkah! We look forward to sharing them with you on Wednesday, September 30 at 11:54.

Shabbat Shalom and Happy Sukkot!

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What Did We Learn This Week?

Language Arts

These past two weeks in language arts we began an author study of Marc Brown. We watched a video about him and will be reading several of his books this trimester and doing activities related to them. We all read Arthur's Pet Business and completed a story map to help retell the story using a model called: someone, wanted, but, so, and then. In grammar, we are learning about combining sentences and reviewed identifying sentences(statement, question and exclamation) and fragments. Next week, we will review and have a test on these concepts. A reading skill we focused on was sequence.


These past two weeks, we worked on place value to the 100,000's place. We played lots of fun games to review. The homework sheets are review of the concepts that the students will be tested on next week. If you notice that your child is having a hard time on the homework, please email me and I will be happy to either do a tutorial after school or work in a small group during math class to help him/her.


Dear 2nd grade parents,

YOM KIPPUR was in the center of our learning this week. We practiced Holiday vocabulary,

listened to a story, learned a new song and did an activity with תשובה TESHUVAH (repentance).

GMAR CHATIMA TOVA, גמר חתימה טובה - = may you will be inscribed for a good year,

Shabbat shalom, שבת שלום

Galia Sabbag

Important Dates

9/28-9/29-no school Sukkot

9/30- 2nd grade lunch in the Sukkah- 11:54

9/30- book buddies, bring 2 picture books from home

10/1- 2nd grade has recess first and eats lunch at 12:18

10/1- Math Test on Place Value(no studying required at home, there will be a review sheet for the test on Wednesday night and we have done a lot of review in class!)

10/5- 10/6- No school Shemini Atzeret/ Simchat Torah

10/7- Social Studies Tutorial: 3:20-3:50. Please email me if your child will attend. They can meet you in the carpool lobby when it is over.

10/8- Social Studies Test

10/19- No Homework Night

10/30- Grandparents and Special Friends Day

Noteworthy News!

Mystery Reader

Thank you to our mystery reader, Janine

Mystery Reader

Thank you to our mystery reader, Adrian

Operation Isaiah

It’s time for Operation Isaiah, so please help support The Second Grade Mitzvah project!! The food drive is from Wednesday, September 16-Friday, October 2nd. Please send in canned and boxed goods in the bag we provided. The food bank cannot collect any glass or baby food. When you return the bag to school, the bags can be placed in the food bins in the carpool lobby. The Second grade team really appreciates your support!!

MaTovu Stars

We made these special stars after we learned about the meaning of the MaTovu prayer!