Let the Ceremonies Begin!

by Klare Sheley


Thursday, April 23rd, 5:45pm

Ceremony Auditorium

As you should all know, the ceremonies are for children up to the elevens becoming twelves. There are ceremonies for ones, twos, threes and so on until the twelves. The eights will get their comfort objects taken away, the nines will receive their bikes, and the twelves have the honor of receiving their assignments. Who will get what assignment? We will find out then!
Ceremony of Ones
Ceremony of Twos
Ceremony of Threes
Ceremony of Fours
Ceremony of Fives
Ceremony of Sixes
Ceremony of Sevens
Ceremony of Eights- Giving Up of Comfort Objects
Ceremony of Nines- Receiving of Bikes
Ceremony of Tens
Ceremony of Elevens
Ceremony of Twelves- Receiving of Assignments