What Will You Do?

What is #blacklivesmatter and why is it significant?

#BlackLivesMatter is an issue but most importantly an organization that is highly against racial discrimination and unjust shootings on innocent people based on the color of their skin. Although the hype has gone down a bit, it is still a significant problem happening in America. This issue is very tendentious because nothing is being done about all the innocent black lives being stolen. I support #BlackLivesMatter because everyday there is still racial discrimination and we must not be unlettered about it. The only organization really helping this issue is the #BlackLivesMatter organization. There is not really any big organizations hurting this one but many people think this organization is selfish and ridiculous .

What does Donald Trump and fellow republicans plan to do about this issue?

So far Donald Trump plans to train the police to act properly and act on real life threatening situations. But, he does think the movement is very divisive; or splitting the nation apart more. Although what has been happening in the black community and other races being discriminated he still believes the police do an incredible job. Donald mostly cares about police men dying than the fact that black people are innocently dying. The republicans in congress remain cautious about acting on the movement.
Donald Trump discusses Black Lives Matter

What does Hilary Clinton and fellow democrats plan to do about this issue?

Hilary Clinton plans to :

  • create opportunities for people who don't have them
  • End racial profiling
  • Train the police to have better "De-escalation" skills
  • Do strict investigations on "police involved deaths to innocent bodies"
The democrats plan to make a stricter law against police brutality

What do other presidential candidates say about this issue?

Garry Johnson is a pro supporter on the #BlackLivesMatter movement. He believes that people have been ignorant to the subject for way too long and something has to be done. He says even himself has had his head "stuck in the sand" like many others but now hes woken to see that racial discrimination clearly still exists in our country.
Gary Johnson Defends Black Lives Matter to Skeptical Fox Hosts