Chapman Educational Foundation

April 2017 Newsletter

SAVE Our Educational Assistants!


Immediate Fundraising Needs

The $18 million PPS shortfall WILL affect Chapman next year. Chapman Administrators have been scrambling to maintain critical programs and resources. Administrators and Teachers have set their top 2 staffing priorities to save for next year.

#1 – (1) half-time Counselor = $65,000.

The Chapman Educational Foundation has $80,000 to carry over into the 2017-18 school year. $65,000 will be used to fill this number one priority.

#2 – (3) half-time Educational Assistants = $66,000.

The Chapman Educational Foundation has $15,000 of carry over funds to apply to the number two priority. All money raised will be applied to funding Educational Assistants (EAs) until we reach $66,000 and fulfill the priority.

570 students x $115 per student = $66,000

It is crucial that we have Educational Assistants in our classrooms next year - in order to do that we need to raise $66,000. We have 8 EA’s at the main campus for the current school year – NEXT YEAR THERE WILL BE 0 - without additional funds.

Go online and DONATE today, or drop a check by the front office made out to Friends of Chapman. Contributions are tax deductible.

The Value & Importance of Educational Assistants

The value and importance of Educational Assistants in the classroom to both our students and teachers is paramount! EA’s contribute to every child’s education and daily classroom experience:

Literacy - EA’s allow teachers to create small groups for literacy centers, thereby helping students work at their appropriate level.

One-on-One Student Support - EA’s provide crucial one-on-one time with students at all levels.

Relationship Building - Like teachers, EAs build valuable connections and special relationships with students.

Recess / Duty Support - EA’s assist with daily recess duty, allowing teachers valuable time for lesson planning.