Death of Marilyn Monroe

Antoin Clifton

Who, What, When, Where, and Why

Marilyn Monroe originally born with the name Norma Jean Mortenson (or Baker) in Los Angeles, California, on June 1, 1926. Marilyn was a Legendary film actress she will always be remember for her sensuous beauty, her acting talent, and her psychological torment, , Marilyn Monroe was married three different times to the following man - james Dougherty, 1942 (divorced 1948), Joe DiMaggio, 1954 (divorced 1954), Arthur Miller, 1956 (divorced 1961) - Marilyn was also accused of having and affair with president JFK. Marilyn was founded dead in her bed on August 5, 1962 although the cause of dead is unknown most believe she committed suicide on a overdose of sleeping peels.

Media Bias

I think Marilyn Monroe was a great movie star and her legacy will always live on as time goes by. Based off what i have read Monroe is like every other great legend of that era. Most stars of this era you hear either had really bad drug problems which caused them to over dose, or let the fame get to them which causes them to get depressed. i cant really say the same for Marilyn Monroe because no one truly knows the cause of her death but base off what i read i can draw a concussion that Monroe was very stressed out and depressed but that doesn't necessarily means she committed suicide.

feminist criticism

Marilyn Monroe went to school to become an actress while she was young, but after graduating acting school she couldn't seem to land an acting career. She might land a few jobs here and there but her career didn't seem to really take off until she became a model. she started posting for pinups and by 1946 her photos was seen national magazines then so happens 20th Century-Fox signed her, but her career went nowhere during her first term with that studio. She worked in B movies at Columbia Pictures nothing much bigger than that until she befriended agent Johnny Hyde, who negotiated small but important roles for her in such A movies as The Asphalt Jungle (1950) and All About Eve (1950). in this era women was still not being treated equal so in order for a women to make it they needed a men to help them.

Prespective #1

Marilyn Monroe is a legendary movie superstar. Marilyn always have been set in life and never really had a struggle, she married three different men and all three was very wealthy men. you could say she used her husbands fame to help shoot herself up to stardom. Marilyn seemed to always get what she wanted, she tends to get the lead roles and acts and majority of the movies she play in. This might puzzle some since some of her directors said that Marilyn was always either late to the set or didn't bother to show up.

prespective #2

Marilyn Monroe is the definition of a role model, she came from nothing and worked her way up to the icon we all know and love today. she l grew up to become a beautiful but lonely girl as she was shunted from foster home to foster home, with an occasional stay in an orphanage. Years later in an interview , Monroe remarked that she play-acted all the time to escape from the dreariness of her life. At age sixteen her last foster home decided to move out of time which mean she would be shunted to yet another foster home to avoid that she decided to get married. throughout the years she notice she was starting to grow into this young beautiful young lady and this was the time of the pinup girls, models was dressing in bathing suits and whatever else they could. She started to model and blew up into a star which lead to her becoming a actress but she could never land a big role in a big movie until she met an agent who negotiated for her and ended up getting her the roles. everyone begin to love Marilyn Monroe but she ended up dying a too soon death that left the country in heart break.
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Historical criticism

The era Marilyn Monroe came up in was a bad era for women. Women had little to no rights let alone the same rights as men. Although this was a bad era for women this is also the era that women started to involved to become independent and stand on their own two feet. Women was lucky to have jobs let alone have big roles in movies, that why Marilyn Monroe became the sex symbol. she was setting all types of new ceilings for women.