Latin American Leaders

Jose Maria Morelos & Pedro I

Jose Maria Morelos

Name-Jose Maria Morelos

Born in Morelia, Mexico

Born-Sept. 30, 1765

Died Dec. 22, 1815

Social Class: Native

Jose Maria Morelos helped Mexico gain its independence.


The natives of Mexico, including Jose Maria Morelos, felt that the Spanish were taking their basic political and civil rights. The people wanted to redistribute the land and have some racial equality in the New World.

3 things that Jose Maria Morelos did for the independence movement:

  1. Told the Congress of Chilpancingo to write a draft for the future constitution.

  2. Protected the congress as they moved from area to area for safety from the Spanish army.

  3. Gave the government time to escape once the Spanish caught up to them by fighting till he was captured and executed for being a traitor.

How is Jose Maria Morelos honored today in Mexico?

He is viewed as a Mexican hero. The city once known as Morelia was renamed Morelos after Jose. He is also on the Mexican currency of 50 peso.

Pedro I

Name-Pedro I

Born in Lisbon, Portugal

Born-Oct. 12, 1788

Died-Sept. 24, 1834

Social Class-Peninsulare

Pedro I helped Brazil gain its independence.


Portugal wanted to make Brazil a colony, but the Brazilians didn't want to lose their kingdom status.

3 things Pedro I did for the independence movement:

1. Formed a militia of farmers and Brazilian civilians.

2. Fought the Portuguese army in Brazil then exiled them back to Portugal.

3. Never left the Brazilians even after his father died and Pedro was supposed to return to take the throne from his father.

How is Pedro honored today in Brazil?

His remains were taken to Brazil. and many statues were built for him.

Jose Maria Morelos

Pedro I