Get out and play!

By:Ezat Issa

Save kids from obeseity

More and more kids are just staying inside now. And that is probably the biggest leading thing that causes teen obesity. The reason for this is for kids to get out and play, run around having fun, just be active. Participation in outdoor activities, which includes everything from skateboarding to hiking to camping, went from 39 percent among those ages 6 to 24 in 2006 to just over 34 percent in 2008, according to a study conducted by the Outdoor Foundation. And obviously that's not a good thing and it will keep on getting lower if it we don't do something about it.

Our fix

How to stop it

It may look hard to make kids go outside but you just have to think, trick them make them want to go outside. Ask them what is your favorite thing to do outside and do it for them and just whatever they like doing show it to them make them want to go outside. Give them the opportunity.

About us

We are out there trying to get kids outside playing and getting active trying to prevent teen obesity