Romeo and Juliet.

Act 2

Misleading People.

Mercution and Benvolio make fun of him for being so obsessed with Rosaline, but leave him alone because they think that he is bedding her. Little do they know, Romeo is no longer in love with Rosaline and is actually going to see Juliet.

Vows of Love

Romeo is within the Capulets yard behind some bushes, Juliet is on her balconing confessing her love for her enemy. Romeo reveals himself and they exchange vows of love. He woos her with romance and compares her to the Sun and stars.

High Hopes.

Romeo goes to Friar Lawrence's cell and they discuss the love Romeo and Juliet share. Friar is shocked by this news because he was just in love with Rosaline, he agrees to marry the two later in the day. He has hopes that this marriage will stop the Capulet and Montague fued.

The Cat's Dance.

Tybalt send a letter to Romeo challenging him to a duel for being at the Capulets party. Mercutio finds humor in the thought of an enccounter between the romantic Romeo and Tybalt, "The Prince of Cats."

You're Quite the Tease.

The nurse, knowing of Juliets eagerness, teases the young bride-to-be by complaining about her aches and pain. Finally giving in when Juliet is most hysterical and tells her that she is to go to Friar Lawrences cell later that afternoon to marry her beloved Romeo. The nurse then leaves to get a rope ladder so later that night Romeo will be able to get into the Capulets Mansion with ease later that night.

The Waiting Game.

Romeo and Friar Lawrence wait for Juliets arrival. In the mean time Friar warns Romeo about the hastiness of his decision to marry. Juliets appears and the couple is eager to finally be married, Friar is hesitant at first but just wants this all to be over.