Hillary Clinton

Marquel Bookert

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Gun control

"More than 33,000 Americans are killed by guns each year. It’s time to act. As President, I'll take on the gun lobby and fight for commonsense reforms to keep guns away from terrorists, domestic abusers, and other violent criminals—including comprehensive background checks and closing loopholes that allow guns to fall into the wrong hands."

This means that Hillary wants too stop the killings that's happening.



"We need comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to full and equal citizenship."

This means that shes okay with immigration we just need to fix the way we do it and make it better.



"I think abortion should remain legal, but it needs to be safe and rare. And I have spent many years now, as a private citizen, as first lady, and now as senator, trying to make it rare, trying to create the conditions where women had other choices"

This means Hillary is okay with abortion she just wants people to be safe and smart about the decisions they make.