Edited By: Eva Bogomilova

What Meterologists Do:

Meteorologists study the measurements and motion of the atmosphere, and changing events within it, so that they can predict the weather. In addition to predicting the weather, atmospheric scientists attempt to identify and interpret climate trends, understand past weather, and analyze todays weather. They study the Earths atmosphere, characteristics, motions, and processes. Their data come from weather satellites, radars, sensors, and stations in many parts of the world. Being a meterologist is a really fascinating job! They get to warn people when a tornado or hurricane is coming, so they technically save lives. Also, a meterologist uses weather balloons to measure the wind, temperature, and humidity. In how many jobs do you get to use balloons to do work?

Education/ Personality Needed:

The most direct path to a career in meteorology is an undergraduate program that leads to a bachelors degree in meteorology or atmospheric science.  They need a bachelors degree in a related field (such as physics, chemistry, engineering, or mathematics) and at least 24 semester hours in meteorologist/atmospheric sciences courses. People who want to be meterologists should also take courses in subjects that are most relevant to their area of specialization. For example, those who wish to become broadcast meteorologists for radio or television stations should develop excellent communication skills through courses in speech, journalism, and related fields. A meterologist has to show fascination with weather related events, analytical skills, ability to communicate scientific results in plain language, and the ability to piece together the big picture from many small measurements.

Annual Salary/ Projected Job Growth

A meterologists salary is approximately 89, 790 dollars anually. Thats double the average salary of an American. Their projected job growth is average, which is 7 to 13 percent.

How Does Their Job Benefit the Society?

Their weather forecasting helps the general public and people who work in industries such as shipping, air transportation, agriculture, fishing, forestry, and water and power better plan for the weather, and reduce human and economic losses.They forecast the weather for economic and safety reasons, such as shipping, air transportation, agriculture, fishing, forestry, and utility industries.

Which Companies Hire People in This Field?

Companies that hire meterologists are National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association, National Atmospheric and Space Administration, and a company called the Lockheed Martin.