Computer Hardware

How Computers Work

Introducing How Computers Work

1 .Read/Discuss Hardware

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We will read through and discuss Computer Basics

Hardware/Functions/Terms/Acronyms and their meanings.

We will do the exercises after discussing each part.

How Computers Work: Hardware and Software
Flash Cards

Exercise 1


Exercise 2

Exercise 3- Fill in the blank

This Exercise will be done individually and turned in to GClassroom

Fill in the blanks using the word bank at the top.

Words can only be used once.

After you have filled ALL the blanks- click "CHECK" at the bottom of the screen.

*only click it once-it will count off extra points the more you click*

Once you have your Score-screenshot it (cmd+shift+4)

Screenshots need to be added to GClassroom

Add- File- pull screenshot in upload box- upload- then click 'turn in'

Big picture
How Computers Work: CPU, Memory, Input & Output

Exercise 5

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  1. Hardware Fundamentals
  2. Software Fundamentals

*Pass each video with a 70% or higher