Election of 1968

  • November 5, 1968
  • Republican
  • Spiro Agnew
  • Hubert Humphrey
  • Nixon: 43.4% Humphrey: 42.5%

Election of 1972

  • November 7, 1972
  • Republican
  • Spiro Agnew
  • George McGovern
  • Nixon: 60.7% McGovern: 37.5%

Vietnam War under Nixon

  • Vietnamization-President Nixon's strategy gradually to withdraw the 540,000 troops from South Vietnam over a period of time; the South Vietnamese could gradually take over the fighting with American money, weapons, training, and advice
  • Cambodia-beginning April 1970, US bombed areas in Cambodia and eventually in Laos as well in order to destroy the Ho Chi Minh Trail, to supply the Viet Cong; the US public did not know of this until 1973
  • War Powers Act- November 1973; required the president to report all commitments of the US troops to foreign exchanges within 48 hours

policy of "detente"

  • relaxed tensions between the Soviet Union and Beijing from Nixon's visit

the Fall of Nixon

  • Watergate break-in- only the tip of an iceberg in a slimy sea of corruption that made the Grant and Harding scandals look almost respectable
  • Nixon resignation- announced in a dramatic television appearance on August 8, 1974