Girl Power

Founded by : Blair Brettschneider

By : Gabby Capra

Girl Powers Story

Girl Power was founded in the year 2012 By a young lady named Blair Brettschneider. This orginization takes refugee girls in the Chicagoland area and provide them with mentorship, leadership oppurtunities, and educational programs. To further help these young girls become strong, independent, and confident leaders, in their line of work, families, and communities.

Blair founded this organization in 2012 because in the one year alone 60,000 people were admitted into the United States as refugees from many different countries. And with that came many opportunities for people to start a new life. They decided to specifically focus on girls because they face the most social isolation, responsibilities, and the least amount of resources and support, not to mention most refugees start out very poor and have no sense of a way to get out of that root. Therefore because of all of these issues that girls go through, they wanted to start an organization to help improve the lives of girls ages 12-21 so they can have a different future from the ones they had in there home country.

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Blair Versus Reed

Reed Hastings and Blair Brettschneider are similar entrepreneurs in the way that they both have a need to make peoples lives easier. For Reed it has to do with customers being able to watch hundreds of movies at any moment with no late fees, and for Blair it has to do with empowering a refugees life so they can have a successful future. Along with a need to make peoples lives easier they both have great people skills. For instance Reed always likes to talk to Netflix customers and hear there opinions. For Blair she listens to the girls ideas and problems and helps them to solve a problem or encourage them to succeed in life. However they do not stand similar on every entrepreneur detail. For instance Reed has a company he profits billions of dollars off of. Whereas Blair doesn't make as much money but does contribute to the world in a very meaningful way. Therefore just because one may be rich and one not so much it does not mean they aren't both successful.