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Welcome October

We Are…

Stardust and moonbeams,

rivers and streams,

vast oceans, prairies,

visions and dreams.

Composed of particles,

light beams and waves,

neurons, protons,

dualities, caves.

Darkness and brilliance,

valleys and heights,

mountaintop experiences,

cold, bitter nights.

Holding the contrast—

living life to the end—

from cradle to grave

grasping waves as they bend.

~Mary Berg

Happy Halloween

When witches go riding, and black cats are seen,

the moon laughs and whispers 'tis near halloween'

-author unknown


Opals symbolize hope and purity and were once thought to improve eyesight or enhance intuition. Throughout history, the gem’s reputation has oscillated between standing for luck and standing for lack of luck. According to some, those born in October are immune from any possible negative effects.


Cosmos flowers are associated with simplicity, joy, and beauty. It is also a symbol of order, harmony, and balance. Cosmos’ spiritual meaning would be self-reliance. Forcing us to realize that sometimes, we are all we need to thrive. The meaning of cosmos can also symbolize infinity. There are a total of eight petals on the flower. This can translate to the symbol 8 which also forms the infinity symbol. Cosmos flowers represent resilience. If you remove their flowery blooms, they grow or come back stronger.


October’s spiritual animal is the fox. In some cultures, these nocturnal creatures are believed to provide guidance to swiftly navigate obstacles. With its heightened sense of awareness, as a spirit animal, the fox can compel you to empower your own senses, gathering the information you need to act swiftly.


~October is the opal month of the year. It is the month of glory, of ripeness. It is the picture-month.

~Henry Ward Beecher

October has arrived. Each day of the month has the potential to be a different temperature, but mornings consistently become cooler. Slowly I am transferring summer clothes into storage and gradually incorporating my favorite fall pieces into my wardrobes as the weather permits. In our home, little bits of autumn decor have found its way onto our shelves while the smell of pumpkin spice muffins or a crock pot of chili drifts through the air. Fall in the mountains of North Carolina is quite magical. Take the time to slow down…. live in the moment…appreciate your surroundings and celebrate all that is good.

We are learning just how much Mountain living is ideal for people who appreciate peace, quiet, and the chance to inhabit their own little slice of mostly untouched nature. We are about as remote as possible at the end of our road and positioned next to a farm that we can only see when we walk through some trails that Patrick has cleared. It is a magical place. Look outside the windows and, in addition to expansive open sky and limitless greenery, we watch the deer gnawing on the grass (as Patrick’s calls them: “nature’s landscapers”) or an eagle perched on top of a tree. We have skunks that dig holes and pull yellow jackets out of the ground during the night and coyotes that sing when in danger or prey is nearby. The abundance of beautiful American goldfinch (Spinus tristis) and of course the barn swallows that land on our porch and flutter their wings to show off.

September has passed as quickly as it came. Temperatures were a bit warmer than usual at the start of the month, cooling quite considerably as September came to an end. It was a busy month with school back in session, taking care of the property, and best of all visits from family and friends. We drove to Mt. Mitchell and the observatory. The views from the top are incredible and the spruce pines along the trails are stunning. The first full month of school was in full swing as we watched our son transition from being the new kid to fitting in. Patrick loves it when he stops by during the day to say hi or sees him waving from a distance. He often joins Patrick for lunch. We have not had much luck with cars lately. We had to take a step back and chuckle as our second car is now in need of repairs. We just recently purchased a new car as Patrick's ended up with engine issues that would have cost more than buying a new one. I leave all that fun stuff up to Patrick.

We visited with mom and dad this month. It was a beautiful visit sitting on the deck eating lunch with the family reminiscing. Mom seems a bit more forgetful, anxious, a bit harsher each visit. She does not remember where she is and wants to go home even though she is at home. I watched Patrick and the love he had for his mother as she settled with Alzheimer’s in her last years with us. He would cry each time he left her not knowing what the next visit would bring. He always says this is his biggest fear as a father and a son. That his mother would forget who he was or that someday he would forget who his son is. I know that I am not the first child to go through this with their mother or father and I will not be the last. I have more of an understanding of the loss and pain Patrick felt now that this disease has placed itself within my mom. When Mom rubs my arm and says, “I love you,” for a glimpse the mother comes out in her, but the brain goes beyond memory. Mom is still the same person I have known all my life. Her brain sends her the wrong signal quite often. So it is up to me to let her use my brain when necessary. As hard as this is I must remember that the only loss is that of memories…it does not determine the full value of the person I have in front of me.

As I sit in the family room looking across the mountain I am reminded of the beauty of this great land. I am thankful for my family and friends that encircle me and keep me simple.

In the meantime, dear friend, I hope life is good to you. These are challenging times in many ways. But we have each other and there is comfort in that.

Thank You for your company,

With love,


Did You Know

October 9 is Leif Eriksson Day.

October 9 is Canadian Thanksgiving: This holiday shares many similarities with its American equivalent.

October 9 is Columbus Day, a federal holiday, is observed on the second Monday in October. It was on October 12, 1492, that Christopher Columbus landed on a small island in the Bahamas, convinced that he had reached Asia.

October 9 is Indigenous Peoples’ Day-a holiday that celebrates the history and cultures of indigenous peoples native to what is today the United States. Indigenous Peoples’ Day is celebrated in cities and states across the country, often alongside or in lieu of Columbus Day

October 18 is St. Lukes’s Little Summer. This is a date steeped in folklore. Traditionally, around Saint Luke’s feast day, there is a brief period of calm, dry weather.

October 24 is United Nations Day, which aims to bring awareness to the work of the United Nations worldwide.

October 31 is Halloween (All Hallows’ Eve)!

Here are a few more dates just for fun: Oct 4: International Ships-in-Bottles Day, Oct 6: National Noodle Day, Oct 12: National Fossil Day, Oct 24-Nov 11: World Origami Days, Oct 28: Frankenstein Friday.

The Hunter’s Moon will reach peak illumination at 4:24 P.M. Eastern Time on Saturday, October 28. It will be below the horizon, so we’ll have to wait until sunset to watch it rise and take its place in the sky. Like September’s Harvest Moon, the Hunter’s Moon rises around the same time for several nights, so start looking for it on Friday, October 27!

Marigolds and Cosmos are October's Birth Flowers. are known for their bright colors and strong odor and have long been associated with death and grief. They are a prominent fixture in Day of the Dead festivities, used to decorate gravesites and home altars. Cosmos is a symbol of order and balance, peace and innocence. They represent luck and have many medicinal purposes.

The October birthstone is the opal, which symbolizes faithfulness and confidence.

Octobers Zodiac Signs are Libra and Scorpio. Libras are the arbiters of the Zodiac. Able to clearly see both sides of any given situation, your skills are renowned as judges, counselors, consultants, and diplomats. Your symbol, the scales, shows how you weigh information, and you like to look carefully at all options. For this reason, it takes you some time to make up your mind. You enjoy theorizing what would occur should you choose one path, then pondering the consequences of taking another. It is tough to dissuade you once you decide upon a course of action. As a Scorpio people often marvel at your preparedness, as you have a contingency plan and a secondary one. You possess a strong passion for life and put forth maximum effort when you truly believe in something. Your enthusiasm is infectious when you find a cause, and your teammates should tread lightly if they attempt to impede your progress.

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Tarot of the Month

October tends to be a lot of Spirit connected people. It pumpkin spice, Halloween and sweater weather....I love sweater weather. Take time to nurture your comfort and nest.

The three cards pulled are for the 31 days. The first card being the first ten days, the second card being the next ten days, and the last card being the remaining eleven days. (The Deviant Moon Tarot deck Published by U.S. GAMES SYSTEMS, INC. By Patrick Valenza)

1st Card: Queen of Wands:

The confident queen of wands stands as a dominant personality in the forest. Her

self-assured energy radiates from her soul, attracting everyone she meets with inescapable charm. Divinatory Meanings: An attractive and well-liked female. Assertive. A sincere person. Confidence. Vindictive person. One who brings conflict. Infidelity. Revenge.

2nd Card: The Fool:

Unaware of his surroundings, the fool begins his journey by wandering into the canal. He has no experience with life; therefore he has no fear of it. Divinatory meaning: The beginning of a

journey. Innocent or young person. Folly. Acting without thought. Potential. Failure to seize the moment. Unsure actions. Uncertainty. .

3rd Card: Seven of Wands:

A bewildered child has been lost in the thicket for several days. Against overwhelming odds, she finally discovers a path that will lead her home. Seven blooming wands mark the end of her ordeal. Divination Meanings: Beating the odds. Victory over all competition. Winning a

fight or struggle. Loss. Self doubt. No faith in one’s own ability


Questions and Counsel

Dear Katelyn,

I’ve been having a pattern of bad luck. It really feels like one thing after the other. Is it a curse? What is going on?


The human experience is a matter of ebb and flow. Sometimes we are flowing in alignment and sometimes we fall out of it and ebb for a bit. It is the duality of our experience. In this world we would not have flow if we did not have ebb.

The benefit of an ebb period is it allows you to find your way back into your flow. That might be a matter of a few days sticking to your preferred routine that makes you feel great. If you have spent a few days sticking to your routine and you still feel like you are operating in bad luck it could be a curse (for lack of better words) or the effects of a psychic attack placed on you. *note* they do feel exactly the same. A curse is put on you intentionally, and psychic attacks can be placed on you unintentionally and intentionally.

The best defense is to clear it as a psychic attack whether it be unintentional or an intentionally placed curse.

Some quick telltale signs you are under psychic attack: exhaustion, nightmares, omens, bad luck, feeling like you are in a fog, depression, feeling overwhelmed, headaches, the sense you are being watched, and sudden bursts of nausea.

Ways to clear your energy of any psychic attacks.

  1. Bathing or washing your hands with Epsom salt or sea salt while setting the intention of clear your energy.
  2. Keep yourself grounded with your favorite grounding activities (Reiki, nature walks, eating root vegetables)
  3. Utilizing healthy boundaries and putting space between yourself and anything or anyone that feels draining.
  4. Wear gemstones that reflect negativity (tiger’s eye, hematite, selenite, black obsidian, black onyx)
  5. Daily clearing and protecting meditations in the morning or when you go to sleep (or both if necessary)
  6. Drink lots of water
  7. Set the intention that anything sent to you in sent back to sender.

I hope this helps!


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October is often associated with themes of change, balance, and harvest. It symbolizes the cycle of life and death, and for some, it represents a time for reflection, inner growth, and connecting with one’s higher self. October is also a time of reflection and introspection, encouraging individuals to take stock of their lives and make sure they are on the right track. It is a time for self-care, as the season typically includes cold weather, shorter days, and shorter nights.

October is known for its haunted feel. Every day the air feels more and more alive with energy. Often, we sense a presence just behind us. Spirit activity is more prevalent now than any other time of the year.

As we enter the month of October, we are reminded of the thin veil that separates our world from the spirit world. This is the time when the two dimensions converge, and we can feel the presence of our loved ones who have passed away. Embrace the magic of this season and let the spirits guide you. Whether you believe in the afterlife or not, there is comfort in knowing that our loved ones are always with us. Welcome this special time of year with open arms and celebrate the connection between our world and the spirit world.

This marks the time to honor the worlds of the seen and unseen – our everyday world, and the worlds of imagination, mystery, and spirit.

This is also a time for honoring your loved ones, that includes your precious pets, who have passed. Light a candle and recall in your heart the cherished memories of loved ones who are no longer in the physical world.

Make a special spot, like an altar, for your deceased loved ones and put some candles, flowers, pictures, and incense and just talk to them. They like to hear from you and know that you are remembering them. In many cultures they make sure that they take care of the graves of their departed loved ones and pay homage to them on a regular basis.

You’ll feel their presence when you do these sorts of things.

It is a good time to gather some colorful autumn leaves to place in a bowl on your kitchen counter, to acknowledge what you would like to shed in your life and what you would like to seed deep within you for rebirth and renewal.

Whatever you do make time to connect to the divine spirits this month. The blessings can be enormous.


The fog came pouring in at every chink and keyhole, and was so dense without, that although the court was of the narrowest, the houses opposite were mere phantoms

~Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

Mist and fog are common symbols of the unknown and the mediator between reality and non-reality (illusion, dreams, apparitions, visions, divination). Fog often appears to be coming from mountains because it is being pushed up by the rising terrain. As the air near the ground is cooled by the mountains, it can become saturated and form fog. This is known as orographic lifting. Additionally, the mountains can create areas of high pressure at their peaks, which can cause the air to flow downward, creating a downdraft that can also push fog towards the mountain's base.

Poetry in East Asian culture, the mist is a symbol of autumn, as well as melancholy and painful moods, from which fox ghosts can appear. In Taoism, the mention of mist as Hong Meng is interpreted as a metaphor for the genesis of the world as “primordial chaos, primitive world.” The mist in Central European fairy tales is mostly associated with boiling, spinning of magical beings, the unknown of different dimensions, realities, and worlds. Dwarves, witches, corpses, dragons (Scandinavian corpses) often appear in the mist.

“Mist is the ghost of weather.” “Mist is the veil that hides the unknown.” “Mist is the paintbrush of the landscape artist.” “Mist is the magic that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.” “Mist is the whisper of air and water.”

Some of my clearest memories are the foggiest. I mean this literally. One of the scenes etched in my mind from early childhood is getting up early to go fishing. We would ride our bikes down to the river through the mist and fog with poles and tackle in hand in hopes of catching a few red drums or speckled trout. We would end up at an area nestled down a path of tall pine and bald cypress trees along water washing up from the tide coming in. On a clear day, the river is a picturesque beauty. But venturing down to the waters edge on a chilly Autumn morning is like entering a magical misty world. Dense tendrils of fog rise from the cool water, obscuring the far shore. Even nearby clumps of reeds vanish in the mist. The fog sharpens my senses and unleashes my imagination. In the mist, the river could be a giant sea. Ordinary trees are transformed into towering giants that disappear skyward in a watery veil; their height limited only by my mind’s vision. The eerie wails of the river’s resident loons seem to echo like primeval cries across eons of time.

As often as I have viewed the scene, from early childhood to now, its misty vistas have never lost their mystery and magic. It has served many times as balm to my soul.

Perhaps that insight also explains some of my own fondness for those misty mornings. Fog can be a veil, a shield from life's harsher realities. But invariably, the sun emerges, burning away the mist. The loons are again free to fly, and the migrating birds can get back on course. And we are left, once again, with another indelible foggy memory.


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