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Upcoming Events

October 2: Wear a BLUE SHIRT for Bully Prevention

October 3: Campus Decision Making Committee Meeting (CDMC), 4:15-5:00 pm

October 6: Dress your's Picture Day!

October 9: Student Holiday

October 12: Family STEM Night, 5:30-7:00 pm

October 23-27: Red Ribbon Week

October 27: Kindergarten wears 50's Outfits to celebrate 50th Day of School

October 31: Wear your SUPER HERO shirt to celebrate "Boo to Bullies"

October 31: Kindergarten Storybook Parade at 2:00 pm

Monthly Book Challenge

Check here each month for our monthly book challenge! For the month of October, read a Halloween or fall-themed book. Write a summary on the pumpkin handout that is being sent home with the newsletter.

Check out Mrs. Helton's video for more details!

Conscious Discipline Tips

One of the most important things we can do for school age children is establishing predictable routines in their lives as much as possible. Predictable routines will help them to feel safe within their environment and when they feel safe they do not experience as much upset which will then help with tantrums or outbursts. Children feel most secure when their lives are predictable. When children feel safe, they learn that they can trust others to take care of them and meet their needs, so they become free to relax and learn from the world around them.

School age children may struggle to actually tell time or understand the concept of how long minutes and hours are, but they can understand that events happen in order. When events happen in the same order everyday, kids will begin to understand their world and then creates a sense of security for the child. When a child knows what to expect they can gain confidence in themselves and the environment around them.

A routine is important especially during difficult times of the day, such as bedtime or getting ready for school in the morning. When there is a routine in place, there can be little argument because the expected behavior or task that is expected to be completed has already been established. A major benefit of establishing routines is that you will cut down on stress for yourself.

Below are examples of a morning routine and and a bedtime routine that we hope that you find helpful.

Big image

Mayborn Museum Visits 3rd Grade

Math Chat

Watch our monthly math chat video to learn different ways to chat about math at home and build math skills. Family Math Engagement Packs COMING SOON!

Parent Involvement Opportunities

We encourage all families to participate in our Campus Decision Making Committee (CDMC) meetings four times a year. At these meetings, we discuss the state of the campus, current problems and solutions, and make decisions about future plans, activities, and spending. We eagerly seek out your input and participation at these meetings! Our first meeting is planned for Tuesday, October 3 at 4:15 pm in the library.

Our Family STEM Night is on Thursday, October from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Each grade will have a hands-on science and math activity for students to complete. We will also have free books, take-home kits, and Frito Pie!

If you are interested in volunteering for Family STEM Night, we would love to have your help! Please call Mrs. Helton at 662-3050.

4th Grade Math Problem Based Learning Projects

Red Ribbon Week: October 23-27

Help us celebrate Red Ribbon Week where we teach students how to stand up to drugs. Students can dress up each day according to our daily theme:

Monday, October 23: Red Ribbon Kick-Off-Wear RED polo shirts

Tuesday, October 24: Put a CAP on Drugs-Wear a hat

Wednesday, October 25: SOCK It to Drugs-Wear crazy socks

Thursday, October 26: TIE Up Drugs-Wear a TIE

Friday, October 27: BAND Together Against Drugs-Wear ROCK BAND clothes

Now Presenting!

Several of our teacher and grade levels are working to create Facebook pages or classroom websites to share more information. Here are the details!

Ms. William's Kindergarten Class:

Ms. Bearden's Kindergarten Class:

Ms. Rawles' 4th Grade Math:

Ms. Gillaspy's 5th Grade Math & Science:

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