TEKSbank Update

Latest TEKSbank news from the Region 10 Data Solutions Team.

TEKSbank Overview

TEKSbank is an online bank of test questions and resources developed to provide educators with items aligned with the content and rigor of the TEKS. Items can be used to support the design of a variety of assessments including district assessments and teacher-created formative and summative assessments.

  • TEKSbank has over 46,000+ items for use on locally created assessments.
  • TEKSbank includes items for grade 2-11 and Spanish items for grades 2-5.

Detailed information about TEKSbank can be found here. For pricing information, fill out the short form here.

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TEKS Revisions & New Items

TEKS Revisions

All TEKSbank items are aligned to new (or revised) standards including elementary social studies and high school language arts for the 20-21 school year.

Data-Driven Decisions

This year, the TEKSbank item development priority was determined using 2019 state assessment data to ensure educators have adequate items for assessing hard-to-teach hard-to-learn standards. In addition, we completed our yearly TEKS alignment and quality audits across all grade levels and content areas by content area expert. As a result, over 5,000 items were either added or revised to ensure that Texas educators have access to best overall assessment item bank!

Science Spanish Items Now 1:1

Over the summer over 1,350 Spanish science items were added to TEKSbank bringing our English to Spanish ratio for science to 1:1!

In addition, all Spanish items in TEKSbank (across content areas) that have an English companion, have been tagged with an item number keyword so that educators can easily create equivalent Spanish and English assessments.

For more information on creating equivalent assessments please call or email the TEKSbank team!

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2nd Grade SLAR - Coming Soon!

In response to district requests, 2nd grade SLAR has been added to TEKSbank. Content experts trans-adapted over 70 passages and 950+ items into Spanish. All items have been reviewed for cultural context, vocabulary, and TEKS alignment. Items will be available in early fall!

ELAR Focus Assessments - Coming Soon!

Creating formative assessments in the ELAR classroom can be tough! As we've worked with teachers and administrators around the state, we've heard over and over how difficult it can be to find short assessments that focus on a single skill. In response, our team of content experts have put together Reading Focus Assessments for grade 3-8.

These assessments include a short reading passage and 5-7 assessment items that progressively target a single skill so that teachers can easily determine a students level and provide differentiated instruction. Each grade level has 5-6 reading focus assessments available for the 20-21 school year. Genres and TEKS were thoughtfully chosen for each grade level using the STAAR assessed curriculum provided by TEA.

Focus assessments are in the final stage of the production process and will be available in early fall along with a guide what's available at each grade level.

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Data Solutions Program Coordinator

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