Art At Home

Week of April 6, 2020

Hello my amazing artists! I am missing all of you!

Mandala Lesson Introduction

April 6 Mandalas!

Art Experiences Just For YOU!

This week we are going to be exploring Mandalas!

1. Create your own MANDALA any way that makes you happy! Some Ideas:

  • Found nature object mandala
  • Found around the house object mandala
  • Cut paper mandala
  • Crayon Mandala
  • Watercolor Mandala
  • Chalk on the Driveway Mandala
  • Any kind of mandala you can think of!
  • Snap a picture and send it to me at and tag me on Instagtram!

If possible, take a photo of the art that you make and post it to social media with the hashtag:


2. Check out the amazing art of Christopher Marley! He uses real insects in his mandala art!

3. Check out these Tibetan Monks Creating a sand art mandala!
Creation of a sand mandala

4. Print out your own Mandala Coloring Sheets!

5. Still need some Mandala inspiration? Check out these cool inspiring websites for all kinds of ideas?

Be well, stay safe, and know that we will all be together soon!

We are all in this together even if it means we have to stay apart!