Early Excellence Express

September 2, 2020


Trust and security are the foundations of healthy development. To successfully explore our world and learn, children need to have secure, trusting relationships with the adults around them and faith that those adults will keep them safe.

Rest assured, safety remains our priority. I would like to take a moment to introduce you to the ladies that serve daily on the frontline of safety. Our custodians, also known as our "Safety Squad," have been working around the clock to ensure a healthy environment is provided to each and every child. Please review our Custodial Frequency Table to see how these heroes make the Early Excellence Academy an EXCEPTIONAL physical environment.

With the help of our Safety Squad, our classrooms are ready for children to THRIVE!

We are ready to see our students express themselves, share their experiences, and communicate what they know and understand.

We ARE ready! See you September 8!


UPDATED: Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

EEA will be implementing NEW drop-off and pick-up procedures that limit possible exposure between families and childcare staff.

  1. Staggered Drop off and Pick up times can be found HERE.
  2. Daily Screening procedures can be found HERE.

Please utilize the Drop off and Pick Up Maps located HERE

to help facilitate a smooth entry and exit!


When reviewing payroll deductions , it was noted that students will receive 34 weeks of care for the 2020-2021 school year. As a result, total tuition for this school year will be $5,100.00. Tuition will be spread over eighteen paycheck cycles, for a paycheck deduction amount of: $283.34.

This is a change from the previously reported 33 weeks of care for a total tuition cost of $4950.00.

Updated payroll deductions will be requested from all families.

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August 31-September 7: Virtual Tours

  • Teacher websites are up and classroom tours are available to watch at any time!

September 7: First Day of EEA Preparation

  • View Teacher videos and websites
  • Brightwheel application is downloaded
  • Review drop off / pick up maps

September 8: EEA Opens for the 2020-2021 School Year

  • Drop Off / Pick Up Schedule
  • Late charges will not be accrued from September 8-September 11 as we work together to get ALL students home safely.
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Students will need to pack a sack lunch on the following days:

Fall Semester

  • November 3

Spring Semester

  • January 4
  • January 5
  • January 18
  • February 15
  • May 28

Lunches should be packaged using disposable materials only.

Please note that no food deliveries will be allowed to EEA.

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Please visit teacher websites for additional classroom information and virtual tours!

Contact Us

Continue to log into Brightwheel for all daily activities and notes from staff. If you are having concerns with receiving updates, please let any member of EEA know!

When dialing into EEA from an out of district line, please dial the main number to our district, 281-357-3100, then dial our EEA extension, 2620. If you are phoning from an in district line, please dial the extension only, 2620.