William Beaumont

The man who researched human digestion.

William Beaumont was born November 21, 1725, in Lebanon CT. He died April 25, 1853. in St. Louis MO.
William Beaumont was born on November 21, 1785, in Lebanon Conetcit. From 1785 to 1806 he went to village schools. In 1806 he went to New York to become a school master. He began studying medicine on his own time, In 1810 he became a apprentice to a doctor in Vermont . while living with the doctor Beaumont gained invaluable experiences by watching and sometimes assisting the doctor. Still a student he began keeping a journal describing daily events, and symptoms and treatments of patients. Beaumont got his doctors license in 1812, and went to war as a doctor. In his journal he explained the exhausting days and nights treating the wounded soldiers. In 1820 he was sent to fort Mackinak in Michigan . He was the only doctor in the fort, he treated soldires, familys, and native Americans.


He researched human digestion. his research helped doctors understand alot about and helped there progress in learning about the stomach.