Lawrence Stansberry New Orleans

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Lawrence Stansberry of New Orleans: The Household Model

Lawrence Stansberry of New Orleans looks to forever change the way healthcare is delivered to the people of his local community. The leader of St. Margaret’s at Mercy, Stansberry and his professional staff seek to provide an at-home care experience, one that offers every elderly resident a comfortable atmosphere based on a positive, innovative and compassionate household model of care.

The longtime Chief Executive Officer of St. Margaret’s, Lawrence Stansberry of New Orleans offers both short and long-term residents a recently renovated St. Margaret’s at Mercy facility, one that provides private rooms within a household-themed environment. Each household at St. Margaret’s at Mercy consists of 8-10 beds, and is adjoined with another unique household to create a strong sense of community; a neighborhood environment that offers an abundance of opportunity to socialize and strengthen bonds with other St. Margaret’s residents. Every household features a dining room, a hearth room and a down-home country kitchen.

Lawrence Stansberry of New Orleans seeks to forego the traditional long corridors and nurse stations of the past, and to help every resident feel safe, comfortable and welcome within their own unique household environment. Stansberry believes that every St. Margaret’s deserves the amenities of home, and strives to make each experience as welcoming and supportive as possible.

Stansberry at the St. Margaret’s at Mercy team look forward to showing both residents and their families what is possible through the household model of nursing home care. They invite anyone with short-term or long-term care needs to visit and tour the St. Margaret’s facility, and to discover the difference of household-themed living.

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Lawrence Stansberry of New Orleans: Belleville Assisted Living

Lawrence Stansberry of New Orleans is proud to be a part of the local healthcare community, and to have the opportunity to serve the needs of the most vulnerable. The CEO and Administrator of St. Margaret’s, Stansberry continues to provide the leadership and management the organization needs to serve, grow and thrive well into the future.

As the lead St. Margaret’s professional, Lawrence Stansberry of New Orleans is proud serve the senior population through St. Margaret’s at Belleville Assisted Living, a retirement community that provides the elderly various levels of service. A place of comfort, community and adventure, St. Margaret’s at Belleville Assisted Living seeks to cater to each resident’s unique set of needs and various levels of independence.

Lawrence Stansberry of New Orleans is proud to offer not only a dedicated and friendly Belleville staff to serve the needs of every resident, but also to provide a number of fantastic amenities that make this beautiful assisted living community one of the best in the city. The professionals at Belleville Assisted Living take care of such tasks as making the bed, cooking the meals, paying the light bill, cutting the grass and more, an effort to make life as easy and as free as possible for every elderly resident.

St. Margaret’s at Belleville Assisted Living celebrates the opportunity to serve others, as well as the chance to live a happy and independent life on your own terms. Through spacious and state-of-the-art apartments, a luxurious courtyard and a delightfully remodeled campus, they have created an environment anyone would be proud to call their home.

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Lawrence Stansberry of New Orleans - Short-Term Nursing Care

Lawrence Stansberry of New Orleans and the St. Margaret’s at Mercy team provide local seniors the opportunity to access a variety of long-term and short-term healthcare options, including a skilled nursing facility within their well-established elderly rehabilitation center. This short-term, skilled stay program has been of great benefit to many New Orleans seniors, providing the on-site physical, occupational and speech therapy services and facility needed for residents to return home as quickly as possible.

Lawrence Stansberry of New Orleans provides this short-term rehabilitation program as a great way for New Orleans seniors to receive the high-quality, professional care they need to quickly and safely return to a productive and independent life. St. Margaret’s professionals are committed to providing a comfortable short-term rehab option both seniors and their families can trust, one that gives every individual the opportunity to get back home as quickly as possible.

Lawrence Stansberry, CEO and Administrator of St. Margaret’s for nearly 15 years, has always sought to provide the local elderly population the most compassionate and professional care in the most comfortable environment possible. Stansberry has helped to grow the St. Margaret’s operation to include more elderly healthcare and residential services than ever before, creating an extensive array of options that best cater to each elderly individual’s unique set of care needs.

Stansberry is always seeking ways to enhance the healthcare experience, and to make each patient, and resident, as secure, comfortable and catered to as possible. Under his professional leadership, St. Margaret’s continues to maintain the same high level of service and support for the elderly community as it’s had from the very beginning.

Lawrence Stansberry of New Orleans and Tradition

Tradition is generally defined as a belief or behavior that is passed out within a group or society that holds a special significance with origins from the past. That is certainly a great term to attach to the tradition of excellence that is the hallmark of Saint Margaret’s of Mercy. This organization has been serving members of the New Orleans community since 1931.

While it is closing in on 100 years in operation, it is a vibrant and constantly evolving group of committed professionals that make sure this required and highly needed body of services is accessible for those that need it. The tradition of providing the highest quality healthcare and nursing home services on behalf of impoverished seniors throughout the community is one that calls upon the dedication and focus of the staff each and every day.

That can only be instituted by outstanding leadership and vision at the top of the organization and for the last 14 years, that leader has been Lawrence Stansberry from New Orleans. As the chief executive officer and primary administrator for the organization, he has been instrumental in the operation of the group. Under his watch, the tradition of history has been able to continue as they have reached out to countless seniors and provided the best in care for them.

Through a variety of focused services which include residential services and short and long-term care options, they have been able to aid seniors with a commitment to quality medical care in a professional, comfortable and welcoming environment of care.

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Lawrence Stansberry of New Orleans, Senior Service

Serving the elderly is a topic that covers a wide spectrum of options. For Saint Margaret’s of Mercy, they are a leader in the community of New Orleans in providing care for the elderly. Since 1931 they have implemented their method of caring for their patients through quality care solutions, care givers, and active involvement. The organization is dedicated to making positive changes in the lives of seniors and their families. They deliver a level of personal care for the impoverished within the community that is one of the highest and most regarded in the area. Through a variety of services, they have been able to continually improve their ability to enhance the lives of patients every day. They remain committed to delivering an unparalleled variety of senior care solutions and have given back to the community in many ways over the years. Their services are caring, affordable and appropriate to each senior’s condition and needs. The builder services on a number of components one of which is obviously good information. Information and communication of that information is the foundation of an appropriate and effective care strategy. They also are sure to have quality caregivers at every level possible. With a qualified and experienced staff they are able to provide skilled and experience caregivers, ongoing training of that staff, a refined interview and background process, and more to ensure excellent work and excellent people are doing that work. Each service plan is initiated through a consultation and an individualized service plan that accounts for needs, personality, skills and many other options. At the heart of this culture of excellence is the work of chief executive officer and primary administrator, Lawrence Stansberry New Orleans. He has implemented his experience and knowledge into every aspect of the organization.

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Assisted Living-How to Decide if a Community Facility is the Right Choice

As adults reach a certain age, they may be faced with decisions regarding their ability to continue caring for themselves. Although many may be hesitant to consider leaving a home they have lived in for years, or choosing to change their ways of living all together, the healthcare industry has changed drastically.

There are numerous high-quality facilities available now that allow community members, as long as they are not memory impaired, to leave the facility on group outings. Many of these also offer residents the freedom to come and go on their own as they please. These facilities often offer group activities, social events, holiday and birthday parties, and numerous other forms of entertainment.

Lawrence Stansberry, a Healthcare Administrator, who lives in New Orleans, believes that community living facilities for the elderly can lead to some of the most interesting and entertaining years in their adult lives. In his profession, Lawrence Stansberry New Orleans works tirelessly to provide high-quality care facilities for those in need of assisted living, or that may choose to live in a community facility due to age and convenience. The stigma that was once attached to the idea of "nursing homes" is now a thing of the past. With many high-quality options for people in the golden years of their lives, assisted living can make for a wonderful, carefree time of life.

Making the decision to sell the family home or leave a life that a person may have become accustomed to is not an easy for anyone, much less the elderly. Having a facility that people can visit, in a safe community environment helps make the decision easier. These facilities help those that may be in need of assistance ranging from housekeeping to more intensive care such as eating, walking, and sanitary care.

While community facilities may not be the right option for everyone, having the ability to choose a lifestyle in a community with aides and assistance can be beneficial for the right person, and is a viable option for many elderly people!

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The Benefits of Staying Active – Even the Smallest Steps Count

Although it may seem difficult finding the time in today's hectic society, staying active has become widely accepted as an enjoyable and worthwhile pastime and hobby. For many people this may mean joining a gym, taking classes or running marathons. For others, that type of high intensity work out may seem time consuming or out of reach physically. Although each method has merit, the smallest steps, in a literal sense, can make a big change in overall health.

Lawrence Stansberry New Orleans, is a Healthcare Administrator who knows the importance of remaining active and leading a healthy lifestyle. As a busy professional, he does not always have the time to make it by the gym or meet at a class for a work out, but he makes small changes in his every day to ensure he is staying active every day.

Even if a person may not be able to take time out of his or her day for a walk, there are always little ways to ensure a small workout is squeezed in, and it all adds up! Parking a little further away from the grocery store or office, taking the stairs rather than the elevator, or walking across the street to grab lunch rather than driving are all small ways to add in extra activity to keep healthy and active on a daily basis! Staying intentional in the smallest actions can make a big difference in the long run and are all worth the extra effort to stay fit for life!
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