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How Do I use the Heart Shaped Flyers?

Good Question!
Print one of each of the flyers with the hearts on them. Laminate them if you can so you can use them over and over. Each paper shows what your GOALS are for the month. It shows your personal PV , Your Team PV, and how many active people that you need to qualify to be "paid at" for your current title.

These are very valuable papers that you will use every month to see what your team is doing, you are doing, and most importantly of all...they will STRETCH you to set GOALS FOR THE NEXT MONTH for yourself and your team so that you can promote to the next level of leadership.

We always get paid our comission check each month on the 10th.

Career Path Chart

Please print the Career Path Chart and the Career Plan Definitions and keep it handy. I am sorry, I could not post a picture of it only a link.

Here is an AWESOME Slideshow to watch that covers our Career Plan

Here is a very Informative Slideshow to watch on setting high goals for youself, Building your Business, Your PV, and Your Team

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Cheryl Patton, Senior Team Leader and Mentor